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I'm 60% Female

2007-04-29 | 02:13:00
Mood: stressed
Music: Philip Glass - Metamorphosis One

...rather, a computer algorithm thinks so after I fed it 800 or so words from my other livejournal posts.

Here's an explanation from the site by the person who wrote the little script:

The computational linguists behind the algorithm, Koppel and Argamon, took a bunch of fiction and looked for trends based on gender. Using complicated formulas, they determined that male writers tended to write more about specific things like an apple, a book, or the car. In contrast, female writers wrote about connections to things like my apple, your book, or our car. The nouns themselves (apple, book, car) didn't matter much but the preceding qualifier, whether an article (a, an, the) or possessive (my, your, our), did.

Further comment and analysis on this algorithm has suggested that different writing situations demand different styles, resulting in fluctuating scores from even the same writer. Which is probably why the author of the Gender Genie site says that "I [...] believe that the Genie works no better than the flip of a coin."

Not like that matters anyway, go dig out something you've written and waste some time. It's what the Internet was made for.

For the record, of course, this post is rated securely into the 80% "masculine" range.

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For Phil

2007-03-08 | 01:20:00

(1:14:36 AM) noahfrenzy: my box to send the ipod back for repairs still hasn't gotten here
(1:14:41 AM) Scud404: :(
(1:14:50 AM) noahfrenzy: it supposedly shipped out, two day service =/
(1:15:09 AM) noahfrenzy: apparently.
(1:15:53 AM) Scud404: if you lived in the paradise of New York City you could have walked to an Apple store and stood in line at the Genius Bar and ate an organic vegan pita
(1:16:17 AM) noahfrenzy: ..
(1:16:26 AM) noahfrenzy: i'm sure [info]phil would tell me all about it.
(1:17:01 AM) Scud404: FOR $5.99!
(1:17:05 AM) noahfrenzy: lolz
(1:17:21 AM) Scud404: but he was able to contest .50 on the charge
(1:17:33 AM) Scud404: so it was really 5.49
(1:17:46 AM) noahfrenzy: :v:
(1:18:00 AM) Scud404: and he took AmTrak the whole way!
(1:18:09 AM) Scud404: it was only 2 and a half hours late!
(1:18:10 AM) noahfrenzy: ahahah
(1:18:22 AM) noahfrenzy: i think you've managed to encompass almost ever single [info]phil conversation ever.
(1:18:59 AM) Scud404: LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF A CAT ARENT CATS AWESOME http://www.3d-screensaver-downloads.com/images/free-cat-screensaver/big3.jpg

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you don't know my pain

2005-03-23 | 23:16:00
Mood: angry
Music: Linkin Park - One Step Closer

oshare349 said they wanted to go to a concert but kristyo wanted to do something else :-(.

Oh and mode7overworld went around saying how they saw me talking to yayktk and dissing on that1shortgirl. Don't let me hear about that again or and I'm gonna tear off their head and s*** down their neck hole!

Hey and know what? I don't know why noahfrenzy went all psycho over me and skyfaller having a little fun.

This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

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Being Absent Minded

2005-02-22 | 23:20:00
Mood: contemplative
Music: Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water

It's a little bit like those dreams where you're at school and everyone's staring at you and you look down and realize that you're naked.

Except that I couldn't just wake myself up. Instead I made a beeline for my dorm so that I could change into concert dress before 7:30. At least only a few people noticed me.

This brings up the question, though: why don't ensembles perform in jeans and t-shirts? Do black slacks and dress shirts make us sound better? Maybe I shouldn't read into this too much.

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My New Best Friends

2005-01-29 | 19:00:00
Mood: sick
Music: Steve Burns - A Reason

My New Best Friends, originally uploaded by Scuddr.

The great thing about convenience stores is they're right there when you're feeling sick and need some good friends to accompany you though the night.

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Drinks, anyone?

2005-01-13 | 19:30:00
Mood: amused
Music: Lambent - Fuet

Eric Bailey: You know Cocoa?
Scudmessage: no, just Java

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"Don't Stop Now"

2004-12-14 | 09:02:00
Mood: drained
Music: Laugh & Beats (Vib Ribbon) - Laugh & Peace

If they made Calculus as catchy as quirky Japanese video game music, I could ace my exam.

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Happy Birthday, Fuzzy

2004-12-10 | 04:29:00
Mood: mellow
Music: Yellow Second - Only Knows God

Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by Scuddr.

Well, I don't have any cake or candles, so here's a Pocket PC. Happy Birthday, kerobaros.

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Half Life 2

2004-11-16 | 03:43:00
Mood: excited
Music: Brave Saint Saturn - The Sun Also Rises

Half Life 2, ready to play from Steam

I should be playing this, not posting about it on the Internet!

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Up for a Movie?

2004-11-08 | 16:12:00
Mood: giddy
Music: The Prayer Chain - Grylliade

You need to see The Incredibles. Now.

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