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Up for a Movie?

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2004-11-08 | 16:12:00
Mood: giddy
Music: The Prayer Chain - Grylliade

You need to see The Incredibles. Now.

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Jameson the Crazed Fangirl

(no subject)

from: jameson9101322
date: 2004-11-09 10:02:46 (UTC)

OMG I can't WAIT to go see it! Was it good!? It looks adorable and the animation... (geekmode) stunning! Fabulous! I WANNA WORK FOR PIXAR!!!!

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from: scudmissile
date: 2004-11-09 16:09:39 (UTC)

It's so much more than good. I'm sure you, if anyone, will fully appreciate the visual styling and animation, which is amazing from both its technical achievements, to the punchy 50's and 60's styles that reference heavily from the comics and spy movies from the era. The character design is as sharp as the dialog, and the whole thing just fits together into a thrilling experience.

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